We unlock value for our investors, companies and communities

Your Business

You run a well-established and growing business

  • Your business has a proven competitive advantage and generates annual revenues of at least EUR 20m.
  • You are based in a new EU country or one which is on track to join.
  • You are looking for EUR 10-35m of funding from a long-term partner that will help accelerate the growth of your business, and does not require you to dilute your control.

We have a generalist approach and can provide extensive expertise in a variety of sectors

Bespoke Approach

Together, we can help accelerate the growth of your business

You may be looking for development capital or funds to finance a Capex programme, or to make an acquisition. You may be looking to take cash out, or to fund a buy-out. We can help with the funding and the expertise to navigate the next part of your business’s journey.

We can help your business’s geographic expansion

Whether you are looking to consolidate your regional market or expand into a new one, organically or through acquisition, we have the relevant experience to help.

Partnership takes time

Please be in touch to tell us about your business. We may suggest a meeting to learn more about your needs and to introduce ourselves to you. We will then spend a few weeks getting to know your business better. If both sides feel it is worth progressing, we will do some in-depth research into your firm to determine how we can proceed. This process can take a month or two – it is important to take the time to get it right. If both sides agree to partner, we will agree an appropriate structure and terms and get a deal in place.

Who Are We?

We increasingly act as a one-stop-shop for management teams or owners, but can also work alongside a private equity house.

Management teams

Long-term partnership tailored to your financial and strategic needs

Our track record of backing Central European businesses means we are well placed to help you accelerate the growth of yours. Whether that means capital for development or acquisitions, a buyout, or even a change of management, we can help.

We can provide finance and added-value through our industry expertise and international networks.

Our funding will be tailored to your business and plans, rather than a cookie-cutter solution. We are often the only funder in a deal, will have a senior secured position as well as a board membership, but do not require an equity stake.


Combined debt and equity to de-risk your investment

ACP’s core strategy of providing junior capital with downside protection, immediate yield and equity upside is an effective means of flattening the j-curve for investors and has been proven over its 24-year history. In that time, the firm has raised well over EUR 1bn, backed more than 60 businesses in 12 countries, and made over 50 full & partial exits.

The debt element of our deals is bespoke and offers immediate return for investors. The equity upside aligns us with management teams, meaning we work closely together to maximise returns.


Flexible funding for the growth of the CE's middle market sector

Being part of the ACP group and having pioneered mezzanine in Central Europe in 2000, we have worked with more than 60 businesses. This means we have unrivalled experience in structuring bespoke deals for a variety of management needs, whether development capital, acquisition finance, buyouts or change of management.

We can work as a one-stop-shop or alongside a private equity house. We do not take an equity stake so that control is not diluted.

We consider most sectors, with a focus on consumer goods, manufacturing, business services, healthcare, financial services, TMT & IT.

Investment Preferences

What We Like

  • Manufacturing (excluding heavy industries)
  • Contract services
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Proven information technology
  • Established businesses (sales in excess of EUR 20 million)
  • Clear & sustainable competitive advantage
  • Management track-record - invested stake
  • Strong equity sponsors
  • Clear exit potential

What We Don't Like

  • Property (exclusively)
  • Heavily cyclical or commodity related industries
  • Alcohol tobacco & firearms
  • Highly regulated / licensed industries
  • Start-ups
  • High tech
  • High operating leverage
  • Project finance

If you want to talk to us about anything please contact us.