Investment Approach

We unlock value for our investors, companies and communities


Every opportunity is different, and so is our approach.

We create a tailored solution for each partnership instead of offering a particular/rigid/off-the-shelf product. This can mean equity or debt, and is usually a combination of both. Our finance can be standalone or alongside a financial sponsor, and we always ensure the structure aligns us with you. We tend to take a minority stake, so you remain firmly in control.

We can provide a solution to smooth out the cash requirements growing businesses face. For example, our debt can be structured as bullet repayments, allowing you to retain cash. By taking a minority stake we ensure our interests remain aligned, with you retaining control.

Uses of our capital…

ACP – approach

Our Product

Accession Capital Partners (ACP) is a pioneering, independent investment advisory firm, with a focus on Central Europe. Funds we advise provide tailored financing solutions to established mid-market businesses and small and medium enterprises. ACP helped to create and now advises five successful mezzanine funds: Accession Mezzanine Capital I, II, III, IV & V.


A subordinated loan, equity co-investment possible

  • Long-term flexible debt
  • Moderate cash burden on the company
  • Bullet repayment at maturity/exit
  • Alignment of interest with shareholders through equity upside


Positioned between senior lenders and equity

  • Subordinated to senior lenders in terms of security and cash payments, both interest and principal repayment
  • Maturities extend beyond senior facilities


Priced between senior debt and equity returns

  • Current interest income
  • Participation in the economic value of the borrower at exit via warrants and equity co-investments
  • Put option to structure liquidity events for ACP

Investment Process

We deploy a multistep process to ensure an efficient transaction completion while maintaining a high standard of quality over the investment evaluation.


We are firm believers in adding value. The sectors we cover are therefore a combination of where best opportunities are in our view, but equally importantly, where our industry knowledge and deal experience reside.


Our team has substantial experience in deals concluded in these sectors, and at ACP level, we have and continue to support: the growth of the sector via transactions such as Norican or PetStar.


Our focus and expertise in the sector have resulted in several transactions, such as Euromedic, Horizon, Amethyst.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods is one of our key focus areas. Our team has extensive experience in the sector across the CE region. ACP has also continuously invested in the sector, with transactions such as Bella in Bulgaria or Profi in Poland.

Business Services

We are looking for leaders with proven business model and track record who we can partner with to grow into regional players.

Information Technology

A key sector traditionally skirted by traditional lenders in medium term financing, this is a core area of expertise of our team. Proven technologies and market leaders are our preferred partners, whom we can finance the next stage of their growth. Situated at the intersection of IT, Infrastracture and TMT, ACP’s investment ATM SA is an example of previous investments.

Financial Services

Our team has outstanding understanding of the different subsectors dynamically shaping up the financial services industry. At a wider ACP level, we have supported regional leaders such as personal finance company Mogo or the insurer Euroins.

Accession Capital Partners sustainable philosophy

ACP takes environmental, social and corporate governance issues very seriously in order to achieve a positive impact via its operations and sustainable investment returns. This approach is not new to us but has been implemented and further developed over the last decade.

ACP strives to be a progressive, responsible investor and employer, enabling positive changes with stakeholders and leading by example. We are firm believers that responsible investing is beneficial for our investors, our investee companies, and the world we all live in.

ACP Group is a proud signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment.

Our ambition is to:

  • Operate with the highest standards of governance ethics and transparency
  • Focus on supporting environmental transition
  • Accelerate progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society

Our responsibility is to:

  • Protect the environment and mitigating climate change
  • Deliver projects that respect the needs of all our stakeholders
  • Create a stable and inclusive workplace supporting diversity
  • Take corporate social responsibility seriously

Accession Capital Partners sustainable philosophy

If you want to talk to us about anything please contact us.

Radana Cheret

Head of ESG