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In 2007, Accession Capital Partners commenced advising the second dedicated CEE fund, Accession Mezzanine Capital II (“AMC II”). By the time of its final closing in March 2008, the fund had collected EUR 261 million.

This fund reflects an extended geographical focus to second wave accession states (2007), the Balkans, Ukraine and Russia, as a response to these markets becoming increasingly attractive. AMC II made its first investment in May 2007, and in December 2010 the fund was fully invested with a total of 17 investments. Twelve of these deals include equity upside, whereas two warrant-less deals provide potential upside due to discounted entry pricing. AMC II presents a broad regional and sectorial diversification, reflecting our excellent network in the region.

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Proud signatories of the UN’s Six Principles for Responsible Investment

AMC II was already deeply committed to responsible investing, as we recognized the profound benefits for our investors, our portfolio companies, and the global community, that come with it. Therefore, we rigorously integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our due diligence process, for every investment decision.

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