AMC IV backs management buy-back of Akomex with EUR 21.1 Million

AMC Capital IV SCSp, advised by Mezzanine Management, provided EUR 21.1 million funding to support the management buy-back of Akomex. The company was acquired by Sebastian ?liwa, the co-founder of Akomex and a current minority shareholder, jointly with the management and support from AMC Capital IV SCSp.

Akomex is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging in Central Europe, specializing in high-quality solid cardboard, leaflets, labels, trays and laminated sheets for the pharmaceutical, food, electronics, technology, personal care and home appliance sectors.  Akomex, headquartered in Poland and founded in 1993, maintains two manufacturing operations in Poland and one converting operation in Denmark, producing over 1.8 billion items per year.